The easiest way to collaborate on projects and ideas

Join the most engaging platform for team, project and task management.

Team Communication

build a private network for your team or your customers

streamline communication and synergy

collaborate with your customers and partners in a single environment

Team Productivity

manage your projects and
improve productivity

manage tasks with team collaboration

address priorities with project visibility

Team Engagement

evaluate team performance in a gamified environment

motivate people with real-time recognition

build better teams by discovering hidden talent

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Communication & Synergy

Private Social Network

Create a private, customizable network and invite selected members.

Personal and Group Messaging

Avoid eMail overload, using MOOVIA as your communication center.

Team Evaluation & Gamification

Motivate people by giving real-time feedback.

Intranet or Extranet

Use it internally or extend it to your customers and partners.

MOOVIA brings the power of social networking to your company. Easy to use as applications like Facebook and Twitter, but designed for company collaboration, file sharing, knowledge exchange and team productivity.

Collaboration & Management

Project & Task Management

Track your projects in kanban boards and get visibility of work in progress.

Team Management

Evaluate team performance and assignment.

Business Area Management

Address priorities and promote knowledge sharing.

Customer Management

Manage customer interaction and monitor progress.

With MOOVIA, companies and professionals communicate better, but most important, transform their ideas and knowledge into "action" - that's why MOOVIA can be called a social platform designed for execution and collaboration.

+ a lot more…

> meetings calendar

> ideas pipeline

> document management

> time tracking

> project duplication

> gantt & burndown charts

> secure and in the cloud